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Mountain hunting South Africa


These hunts are all about the journey. There is no better feeling than finishing a successful hunt and looking out onto the landscape from atop the mountain.


At Bayly Sippel Safaris we are obsessed with our mountain hunts! Getting up high and experiencing the freedom that comes with the mountains is something quite impossible to describe to anyone who is not a mountain hunting fanatic.


Firstly we offer the South African version of a sheep hunt where one can challenge yourself at over 8000ft above sea level in some of the hardest hunting terrain South Africa has to offer. 
The two prized trophies for this hunt are the Vaal Rhebok and Mountain Reedbuck. With their incredible senses they are an ultimate challenge. Due to the free range element of the hunt, the season only runs June through to August and one should try to book far in advance os as to secure dates. The only requirement for this hunt is a high level of fitness!


Our second mountain hunt is focused on the Barbary Sheep or Aoudad as it is called in other countries. This hunt is also 100% free range and totally addicting. These wonderful species occur on the high ground in the Asbestos Mountain Range. We often see rams over the 30 inch mark and with careful glassing and hard hunting a trophy ram will be found.

Mountain safari Africa
The mountains are an addiction and they will keep calling you back!
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