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South Africa offers the discerning hunter one of the finest bow hunting destinations in the world.


Bow Hunting with us can be done out of various permanent hides on the concessions, popup or brush blinds as well as on foot by means of walking and stalking.


Most shots from a blind will be between 20-30 yards, as our bow hides are all strategically placed to ensure the highest possible success rate. 


Bow hunters using the walk and stalk method should ideally be comfortable out to about 60 yards. 

Bow hunting safari South Africa
“You must not only aim right,  but draw the bow with all your might”
Henry David Thoreau

What bow can I use?

Recommended equipment?

Fixed blade broadheads are recommended for penetration but a well-placed and well constructed mechanical broadhead is also deadly. For plains game we recommend an arrow of at least 400 grains or more and for dangerous game an arrow of at least 750 grains is recommended with a well constructed two blade cut on contact broadhead. 

Any bow setup that you use for your big game hunting back home, for example deer, is sufficient for our plains game . We prefer someone to use a bow that they are used to and very familiar with, than go out and get themselves a heavier setup that they are not familiar with. Success is greater if you are familiar with your bow and used to using it.

The best time to bow hunt in Africa is usually between May and September, the hunting area is usually a lot drier, thus the animals make their way to the water holes on a more regular basis.

Best time to Hunt?

Travelling with a bow?

At the moment there are no laws regarding regulations of bringing bows into South Africa, it is a very simple process and you will simply collect your bow from the oversized luggage department and go straight to customs.

Bow Hunting: Image
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