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Hunting in other African Countries: Image
A tree in front of an African Sunset while on safari


South Africa has over 40 huntable species, a true wildlife paradise


You are able to book a very enjoyable plains game hunting safari in South Africa for considerably less than the average elk hunt in the western states of America.


Besides our two home bases, we also have access to thousands of acres of privately owned land and game reserves, including concessions stretching from the dense forests of Natal to the breath-taking mountains in the North. 


In special cases a client with a disability or anyone who is limited physically by age, skill or medical condition is more than welcome to hunt from one of our well-equipped hunting vehicles. Hunting should be enjoyed by all parties!

Hunters on Safari in the plains of South Africaunting
If you are looking for the highest quality plains game hunting areas in Southern Africa look no further than Bayly Sippel!
The hunting techniques that we employ can vary based upon the preference of the hunter and can range from walk and stalk to glassing as well as hunting from a blind with bow and arrow.


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